Thursday, 3 October 2013

The beginning

Hello, welcome to New Caledonia.

This is the story of a city, shrouded in mist, behind whose walls and below whose streets a lot of truths are hiding, and there's a plethora of masks concealing reality, cold, dark and frightening.

Amongst steam and shade ghosts, amidst the menace of arcane forces and an incipient technology, Jarmusch Obliterast's world develops, a man who lives on the razor's edge, fighting against threats which remain uknown for the ordinary citizen, a man who rises glancing to the darkness' eyes and staring back at its gaze.

An assassin, a warrior, a thief, a leader, a hero, a villain... each of these, and much more, is Jarmusch, agent of Her Majesty's Secret Service.

We hope that you find the journey exciting.

Jarmusch Obliterast's adventures will begin to be published on November.

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