Tuesday, 22 October 2013

New Caledonia: The City of many layers

New Caledonia, the city where Jarmusch Obliterast lives, fights and thrives, is one of many stark shades and bright lights. The New Caledonians live, love, laugh, learn, lose and die over a history forged in blood, steel, steam and secrecy. The Upper City and the Under City are both two completely different worlds.

The Under City, a great net of sewers, catacombs and caves, it's the reign of the rat men and the morlocks, two races decided to exterminate each other, always fighting a war that leads to no clear end yet. Between the Rat Kingdom and the Cannibal People, several dark individuals choose to make here their home, far from the reach of the authorities of the Upper City.

On the other hand, the Upper City, or the "proper New Caledonia", as the surface inhabitants like to call it, is where the most humans and other people live. It's a magnificent and sometimes dreadful city, with its districts, shops, houses, Royal Palace, ... One area is to be avoided by all the men of good will: The Neighbourhood of the Lost, where all the mortal filth, and some not-so-human, mind their own business.

But New Caledonia it's a city that tries to be modern, while tries to rest over the shoulders of its traditions, and to rise to a brighter future. Queen Zafra, still young, rules over the city and the country with an iron hand, hoping to mantain order to improve the wellbeing of her people. Interested in new technological advances, Her Majesty attemps to eradicate magic once and for all from the lives of her subjects.

But magic always find a twisted path to come back to reality, one way or the other.

This is New Caledonia. This is the city that never sleeps. This is a place of life, death,
and what comes in between.

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